Admittedly, traveling by train from Amsterdam to Hamburg is not necessarily comfortable.
If it is done wrong. There are several connections every day that require up to 4 changes.

Amsterdam: old town near central station
Nikolaikirche in Amsterdam near the central station

It is almost impossible to reach all connections on a train journey with so many changes.
Because there are only a few minutes of time left for some transfers. And these are quickly used up in the event of a delay.
A significant delay in the journey with longer waiting times is therefore almost inevitable.

Low surcharge, higher comfort

Depending on the day of the week, there are usually several connections that only require a change.
The relatively small price difference pays off. Firstly, the risk of missing connecting trains is significantly reduced. Furthermore, regional trains are excluded from this connection, which mostly offer rather little comfort.
As always, it is worth buying tickets in advance. A one-way trip in 2nd class is available without a BahnCard in the comfortable variant with just one change from € 39.90. Train binding required.
But it’s worth it. Compared to the flex price, over 60% savings are possible here.
The super saver price in 1st class, on the other hand, only costs € 59.90.

IC waggons with a dutch locomotive

Zug im Hauptbahnhof in Amsterdam
IC at the central station in Amsterdam with the direction of travel Germany

As long as the train travels through the Netherlands, a Dutch locomotive is coupled in front of the IC wagons in some cases.
Only in Bad Bentheim, the first German stop behind the border, is a DB locomotive coupled.
Waiting for 20 minutes is the consequence that smokers like to use. Sporadic border controls take place during this stay to look for unauthorized souvenirs from the liberal city.
In Osnabrück, change to Hamburg. The journey from Amsterdam Centraal to HBF-Hamburg takes 5:15 hours.

Hamburg to Amsterdam: Train crossing a river at the dutch city Deventer
Entrance to the Dutch city of Deventer

The flight, on the other hand, only takes 1:15 hours. With a little skill, this is available at prices similar to a saver fare ticket. However, there are additional costs for transport from the Airport Schiphohl to the city center.


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