From the outside, the train station in Bratislava seems to have fallen out of time. The building exudes its very own charm in the finest design of the 1970s. But from the inside it is clearly more visible, which is primarily due to the ceiling design.

In keeping with this retro environment, the Czech Euro-City arrives from Prague with the destination Budapest at the train station.
This EC line is one of my absolute favorite trains because of the pleasantly cheap and cozy restaurant.
Nowhere is the journey better than on the red leather armchairs with the small table lamps.
Freshly fried food and a good selection of beers and other drinks are included.

Small towns, green hills

Unfortunately the train does not run parallel to the Danube. Only the last section of the approximately 230km route before Budapest offers a short view of the river.
Nevertheless, the route has many chic sections that make a look out of the window worthwhile.

Landschaft zwischen Bratislava und Budapest: Wald und Hühel
Hilly landscape near the Hungarian city Vac on the left side of the Danube

The train makes a total of 5 stops before arriving at Budapest-Nyugati station after 2:30 hours.
Tickets are available from around € 15 and can be purchased directly at the train station in Bratislava or online at

Ankunft des EuroCity am Bahnhof in Budapest
Ankunft am Bahnhof in Budapest