Train journeys in Europe are very comfortable if you follow a few tips. Here you will find an overview of inspiring travel destinations. With the right strategy, train tickets can be purchased cheaply. Even for comfortable high-speed trains, the tickets are then affordable.

Utrecht: Cozy student city with the futuristic train station

Utrecht futuristic dutch city

While Amsterdam suffers from a very high tourist density, Utrecht is a relaxed alternative. Much less crowded, less stressful, and even cheaper. Upon arrival in Utrecht-Centraal, the city impresses with a futuristic and very well-kept train station.

Fast as lightning through Europe Express trains at a glance

European metropolises exist many places train connection. In many cases, a train journey is faster than a flight. Because the train stations are usually located in the city center while airports are outside. A train journey also protects the climate and the environment.

Here you will find an overview of the express trains in Europe.

Amsterdam the freest city in Europe

Amsterdam is one of the most attractive cities in Europe. Hardly any other city is as free, tolerant and liberal as this one. The main train station is in the heart of the city and is the ideal starting point to discover it. From Hamburg, the journey by train is not ideal, but it is not really complicated either. In addition, the price is extremely attractive compared to air travel.

Budapest the Paris of Eastern Europe

Budapest is a jewel in the Eastern European region. After the bitter years of socialism was this city perfectly restored.

The facades have been restored, the streets are clean and the price level is well below that of other European metropolises.