The Austrian Railjet runs from Munich to Budapest several times a day.
In 2nd class, a savings ticket costs € 39.90. A savings ticket for 1st class is available from € 59.90.
Provided that a ticket with a fixed train connection is purchased in advance – ideally 3-6 months before the start of the trip.

ÖBB-Railjet: Maximum comfort in 1st class

Seat Öbb Railjet from Munich to Budapest
The Austrian company ÖBB is well known for their modern trains and good service.

I prefer a 1st class ticket, especially on longer journeys, because the comfort is significantly higher than in 2nd class:

  • Utilization is usually lower
  • Restaurant service on site
  • More leg room
  • Access to the entertainment portal
  • Socket at every seat

A very good WiFi connection is available in both 1st and 2nd class.
In addition to the Swiss operator SBB, the Austrian provider ÖBB with its very modern train types Railjet (RJ) and Railjet Express (RJX) is one of the most comfortable in Europe.

From Munich, the Railjet takes just under 7 hours to reach Budapest- Keleti station without having to change.
Of course, the route can also be booked from other cities in Germany.
The route Frankfurt HBF – Budapest Keleti is available as a super saver price Europe 1st class from 69.90 €. And includes only 1 x change during the approx. 10 hour journey.

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