Country tickets are the ideal choice to see as much of a federal state as possible by train. For €25 you can use this ticket to make unlimited journeys in the region. Additional Passengers pay only €6 per person. Up to 5 people are allowed in total for one ticket.
A national ticket for 1st class costs just €32. This small difference is particularly worthwhile when the ticket is to be exhausted. The comfort is much higher. The ticket is valid from 9 a.m. until 3 a.m.

Regional trains in Baden-Württemberg

Unfortunately, express trains (ICE, IC, EC) cannot be used for your train excursion within this price category. The ticket is only valid for regional trains.

Almost all the trains I used were in excellent condition. There are spaces in the front and rear for taking bicycles.
Places are also reserved for wheelchair users and the elderly. The toilet is handicapped accessible.
Unfortunately, the promised Wi-Fi didn’t work, but this leaves more attention for the sights outside the train.
But be careful: the trains can be massively overcrowded on weekends and during vacation periods. A trip from Monday to Thursday outside the main holiday periods is therefore recommended.

Starting point in Freiburg: start in the Black Forest

Rewgional train ticket for Germany: Freiburg is included in the country ticket for Baden Württemberg
Freiburg city center: View of the Schwabentor and the Black Forest

From the main train station in Freiburg there are numerous possibilities to exhaust the national ticket. In order to get the most out of the valid 18 hours without hectic, the choice for the first destination is the health resort of Titisee-Neustadt. This is only 35 minutes away, but 845 meters above sea level, which promises an interesting approach with a decent gradient. Another option would have been Constance on Lake Constance. You can find the entire plan here.

Distance from Freiburg to Titisee: Scenic railway can be expected during the journey Source: Open Street Map  © Omniscale 2020

View: Forests, gorges and Black Forest houses

Black Forrest Germany- train tour through the woods
View out of the window: shortly after the Himmelreich station

Just a few minutes after the train has left Freiburg Central Station, the beautiful view begins. The journey takes you via the Kirchzarten, Himmelreich and Hinterzarten stations to the Titisee-Neustadt stop.
From the local train station it is only a few minutes’ walk to the small old town and the Titisee.

Titisee: Lake with boats in the black Forrest - Germany
German town Titisee-Neustadt in the Black forest: View on the lake Titisee

Overall, the journey from the main train station in Freiburg to the shore of the lake took just 45 minutes. Enough time to drive on to Villingen-Schwenningen, which is 1 hour away. A regional train runs twice an hour from the train station in Titisee-Neustadt. Alternatively, it would have been possible to drive through directly from the main station in Freiburg.
But, if you are already in the area, it is definitely worth getting out here at Titisee.

Villingen-Schwenningen: Historic old town

The journey from Titisee leads again through the Black Forest with extremely worth seeing sections until the train station in Villingen-Schwenningen is reached.
This city with 85,000 inhabitants in the southwest of Baden-Württemberg is known for its historic old town with medieval fountains.

Villingen-Schwenningen: Historic old town

From the train station in Villingen-Schwenningen it is only a few minutes’ walk to the city center. Numerous cafes, bars and restaurants await here.

State ticket Baden-Württemberg terminus: Breisach am Rhein

In order to make the best possible use of the Baden-Württemberg state ticket, after a short stay, you continue to Breisach am Rhein. From this small town with 40,000 inhabitants, it is possible to look directly over the Rhine to France. There are also numerous traces of the 30 Years’ War here.

Path to the Franciscan monastery garden. Above, the hard-working hiker can expect a chic view of the Rhine and the old town.

From Breisach it goes back to Freiburg, which is 30 minutes away. All in all, it was possible to visit 3 attractive cities within one day with the state ticket Baden-Württemberg without hectic. In this case, the ticket for 1st class cost €46 for 2 people (€32 basic price + €14 extra p.p.). A group of 5 people would have to pay €88, so only €17.60 per person. In 2nd class it was only €48, i.e. €9.60 per person. Especially when the B-sides of a region and not the metropolises serve as the destination, the ticket fulfills its purpose. Spontaneous entry and exit is flexible. A rental car including fuel is significantly more expensive and less environmentally friendly.

Video: With the state ticket Baden-Württemberg through the Black Forest