Marseille is always worth a visit. Especially in September and October, when the weather in Germany cools down noticeably, the Cote d’Azur still has a warm 26 degrees. At the beginning of October, when the off-season begins and prices become more attractive, there are often 20 degrees and more that can be expected.Ideal for an escape from autumnal, cool Germany.But the area also has its charms in other parts of the season.

Alter Stadthafen in Marseille mit dem Wahrzeichen der Stadt im Hintegrund
Old city port in Marseille

With a little planning ahead, the southern French port city can be booked cheaply and conveniently from several German cities as a direct connection without changing trains. Tickets in 2nd class are available from € 49.90. You can go first class for € 59.90 if you decide on a train connection long enough in advance, ideally 3 months in advance.
The TGV only takes 6:15 hours from Marseille to Baden-Baden via Avignon, Mulhouse and Strasbourg. Further to Frankfurt via Karlsruhe and Mannheim another 1:40.

Bahnhof in St. Charles in Marseille
Marseille Hauptbahnhof St. Charles

St. Charles Central Station is very central, just a 10-minute walk from the heart of the city, the old city harbor. The highlights include the historic station concourse of the terminal station and the historic outer building from the forecourt of which a direct view of the mountain chapel Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde is possible.

TGV- true comfort at up to 300km / h

The French TGV Duplex used on this route is one of the best and fastest trains in Europe and has a top speed of over 330 km / h. However, only max. Drive 300 km / h. Overall, seating comfort and equipment are very good. The wifi also works smoothly.

TGV-Duplex mit der Fahrtrichtung Frankfurt am Bahnhof in Marseille
TGV duplex with the direction of travel Frankfurt am Bahnhof in Marseille.
Erste Klasse Plätze im TGV Duplex, der von Marseille nach Frankfurt fährt
First class in the TGV: open compartment

Many seats in both the 1st and 2nd class have 230 V sockets to keep the devices brought along alive during the longer journey.
Compared to German ICEs and ECs from Switzerland or the Czech Republic, the TGV unfortunately does not have an on-board restaurant. Only a small bistro with a kiosk and microwave oven is available to visitors.

Bistro im TGV: Neben Barhockern gibt es auch Stehplätze
Bistro in the TGV: In addition to bar stools, there is also standing room.

If you ignore this small shortcoming, it is really a lot of fun to use the TGV for this route.
Especially the sections in the regions around Strasbourg and Avignon are stages where a look out of the window is definitely worthwhile.

Entry into Strasbourg: crossing the river Ill

Find your connection at Deutsche Bahn (DB)

Video: From Marseille to Baden-Baden via Strasbourg (2:35 Min.)