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With the IC through Greece: From Athens to Thessaloniki

Starting at Athens famous Akropolis to travel to Thessaloniki by train.

Across Sweden to Oslo with a Norwegian highspeed train – Along rivers, lakes and forest areas

Beside Switzerland Norway and Sweden are the best countries in Europe for travelling by train.

From Lyon to Marseille by TGV:

The French TGV is one of the fastest trains in Europe and heads for various destinations on the Cote d’azur

Along the Elbe with the EuroCity from Hamburg to Prague: on-board restaurant with a nostalgic atmosphere

The Czech EuroCity (EC) is one of the trains with a particularly nostalgic atmosphere.

Railway country Switzerland: From Zurich to Geneva

Large parts of the train route from Zurich to Geneva resemble a fairy tale book. In addition to the panorama of the Alps and forests, the final part of the train route runs along Lake Geneva.